Le Rouge by Maria Bunyemen

We are a Swedish based Publishing & Art firm founded by the Entrepreneurial Star Economist

Maria Bunyemen.  

Her book "Shake Your Moneymaker" is the book we chose to start off with. We look forward to publishing more of her books and also provide you with some of Maria's colorful and highly appreciated art. Soon you will be able to enjoy both her digital art as well as her paintings. 

Some of her collections have previously been successfully exhibited in the Swedish Parliament and the Castle Stockholm, to name a few. We are glad that she has chosen to make her upcoming art available to the public consumers via us.

As you can tell, we are up for an exciting journey and are happy to share our brand with you. 

Welcome to our house of communication.


Joyride Publishing & Art Design

We are proud to announce

that we are part of:

Marias Golden Eagle Group AB

Marias Golden Eagle Group AB is situated in the beautiful city of Lidköping, Sweden, by the lake Vänern. The corporation group is comprised of four players of value optimization: iAO intelligence by Asterios treasury Optimization, GMAConsulting, Liongate Properties, and Joyride Publishing & Art Design

Below you can read more about two of them, or click on the company names above, to visit their webpages, respectively.

iAO is there for you who wants to be the Leader of Today! Through iAO's leadership program, Joyride Leadership, you will learn to unlock your own potential, and start accessing and making good use of your treasures when leading others. 

GMAConsulting offers you economic and financial consulting services including online surveys, market research & analyses, as well as business and competitive intelligence. GMAConsulting is there for you who want to grow your success prosperously.