"Are you in need of more time, more money, more energy? Do you have money, but don't feel satisfied? Do you have a great job, but want to feel more light at heart when going to your job? I wrote "Shake Your Moneymaker"  to help you get all of that and more. To help you to get richer, and save your time and energy while feeling happy and joyful about the life you live, every day!

My book will help you do things your way to achieve what you dream of and actually feel great about it.

The 5 steps that I give you are your tools, your framework to help mirror yourself with, and thanks to that you will do the rest with greater confidence and self-awareness; the way you love and deep inside actually know how to!"

Make sure to get your own book, and why not several to gift the people you love and care about. 

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Best wishes /Maria

Shake Your Moneymaker

by Swedish Star Economist Maria Bunyemen

is the eBook for you that wants to live richer.

This eBook on Economy & Leadership helps you be the best you that you are and start to live the life you dream of.  

All you need are 5 simple & powerful steps to use as your power tools, your framework to mirror yourself with, in any given situation in order to:

✔ Get a better Economy

✔ Start to Lead in your own life, your way 

✔ Increase your Wealth

✔ Increase your Self-Awareness and boost your Self-Confidence

✔ Save your Time

✔ Save your Energy

✔ Increase your Energy

✔ Live life the way you dream of

✔ Get richer, moneywise & otherwise, it's up to you

No prior skills in Economy or Leadership needed.

Instant and FREE Delivery.

Read anytime, anywhere, and on any device of your choice that reads PDF-files. 

Enjoy reading and learning from this eBook while moving towards your richness. 

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Find out what 5 steps to take to:

+ Get richer
+ Save time

+ Save + Increase your     energy

Game-changing benefits

Get richer

By answering and engaging in the questions and excercises of this eBook you will start to get to know yourself more. This will help you optimize yourself & your wealth to get richer with.

Save time

"Go with the flow", some people say. I say: "Go in your flow" and save your time. This way you will see more of you and your rich life unfold for you, by you!

Save Energy

Allow yourself to live your life the way it is intended for you to be: rich and prosperous.

"Shake Your Moneymaker" will help you with it, and you will save energy.

"Start reading today. I give you 5 simple and powerful steps to use in your life to get richer. Find out today what these 5 steps are, and what they will do for you!

I do not promise you more money. But I am sure though that you will get richer in life. My 5 steps will namely move you in both new & familiar ways, surprising yourself of your own capacities. The rest is all up to you!


Do yourself this favor today: get my book & invest in yourself to get richer. This will also save you both your time and energy by doing things the right way, your way!

Happy reading!" /Maria

About the Author

Maria Bunyemen is a true Entrepreneur, the founder, CEO  & Star Economist of the Marias Golden Eagle Group AB.

She started her first business as a 7-year-old, handcrafting jewelry and granting all the profits to other children in need!

Since then she has graduated with a Masters Degree in Science in Economics, lived and worked internationally such as in California, Toronto, and in Stockholm.

Some of her work experiences come from working with the Swedish Economic Policies, the State Budget, and the Treasury Committee in the Swedish Parliament.

And some from working with International Relations, as well as from family businesses ranging from her first Market Analyses firm to family Restaurants. 

No goal is too small, and no mountain too high. She knows how to shake herself to move and access her true treasures, how to use them wisely, and how to make them work for her.

In this book, she shares some of her advice and knowledge with you! 

Are you ready to rumble? If yes, be sure to get your own "Shake Your Moneymaker" today! 

People want you to change all the time. Why change, when I can be me?!

Maria Bunyemen

I truly believe that when one is themselves, optimizing all one can be, then the real good stuff happens.

This book gives you some of my secrets. Get it and find out for yourself! 


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Maria Bunyemen